Scott Pickering has been involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the early days. Scott recently racked up an impressive competition victory and cemented his status as a black belt by beating Bruno Melo at the Hereford Open in December 2011.  As well as BJJ, Pickering has competed in MMA events and regularly travels to Brazil to learn direct from the source.

The Brit was awarded his blue belt in April 2005 from black belt Mario Sukata and since that date all belt promotions have come from Mario, the black belt being awarded in June 2011.  Scott has trained at the legendary Wolfslair Academy for seven years and has been running a very successful academy of his own in Warrington for four years.

Scott’s gym is a competition driven environment and his students regularly compete up and down the UK on the BJJ circuit and always bring back the silverware.  I went down to the academy on a Friday night and picked the busiest and toughest night to train with the lads - the rolling and drilling class.

After a thorough warm up, guard passing started the session and before long, five minute rounds of rolling with a fresh partner took the class through to the end of the session and a few rounds of drilling finished everyone off and was a great way to kick start the weekend.

The mats were filled with some tough blue belts and hungry purple belts, which certainly made for a hard time for an aging Senior 2 brown belt (that’s my excuse from now on ). However, it was fun and a highly enjoyable training experience.

BJJ classes are on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Scott is head ground coach at HFFS Deeside (  For more info, contact Scott Pickering on 07909 963450.

Carl Fisher is a BJJ brown belt with Combat Base UK and adopts a ‘have gi, will travel’ attitude; if you would like to have a club visit and report from The Fighting Photographer, then email